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Hiking, kayaking, trekking etc.

Ski travels. 1980-1984.
Shuya (south) river, Karelia. 1982.
Okhta river, Karelia. 1983.
Okhta river, Karelia. 1984.
Alash and Ona rivers, West Sayan mnts. 1984.
Across the East Sayan mnts. 1985.
Snezhnaya and Utulik rivers, Lake Baikal region. 1986.
Okhta river, Karelia. 1987.
Khoito-Oka river, East Sayan mnts. 1988.
Katun river. 1989.
Sandalsh and Chatkal rivers, West Thian-Shan mnts. 1989.
Hangarul and Zoon-Moorin rivers, Lake Baikal region. 1990.
Murgab and Bartang rivers, Pamir mnts. 1990.
Caljir river, South Altai mnts. 1991.
Chatkal river, West Thian-Shan mnts. October 1991.
Kumir, Korgon and Charysh rivers. Altai mnts. 1992.
Pskem river, West Thian-Shan mnts. 1992.
Ona river, West Sayan mnts. 1993.
Chong-Kemin river, Thian-Shan mnts. 1993.
Dibi and Oka rivers, East Sayan mnts. 1994.
Lake Baikal and Round-the-Baikal railway. 1995.
Utulik river, Lake Baikal region. 1995.
Oigaing & Pskem rivers, West Thian-Shan mnts. 1995.
Shuya (north) river, Karelia. 1997.
Hangarul, Zoon-Murin, Zhombolok and Oka rivers, Lake Baikal region and East Sayan mnts. 1997.
Kyzyl-Khem, Kaa-Khem, and Ulug-O rivers, West Sayan mnts. 1999.
Chennai and Manali, India. April 2000.
Katun river. Altai mnts. 2000.
Shawla and Argut rivers, Altai mnts. 2000.
Ladakh, India. Himalaya mnts. 2001.
Kara-Kaba & Caljir rivers, South Altai mnts. 2002.
Kumir and Katun rivers, Altai. 2003. (by S.Lakeev)
Turgoosoon and Belaya rivers, South Altai mnts. 2004.
Ladakh, India. Himalaya mnts. 2005.
Ladakh, India. Himalaya mnts. 2006.
Kazyr river, North-East Sayan mnts. 2007.
South Altai. 2008.
Ladakh, India. Himalaya mnts. 2009.
South Altai. 2012.
Patagonia and Terra del Fuego. 2015.

Ski and other resorts

Terskol and Mt.Elbrus. 1998-1999.
Australia. June 2000.
Cervinia. February 2003.
Saas-Fee. January 2004.
Sheregesh, Kuznetsky Alatau mts. April 2004.
Side, Turkey. September 2004.
Alpe d'Huez. January 2005.
Terskol, Mt.Elbrus. January 2005.
Zermatt. January 2006.
Sheregesh. March 2006.
Zavyalikha, Ural mnts. March 2007.
Cakhkadzor, Armenia. January 2007.
Saas-Fee. January 2008.
Tignes & Val d'Isere. January 2009.
Sheregesh. March 2009.
Sheregesh fashion: tails.
Laax. January 2011.
Sheregesh. March 2011.
Saas-Fee. March 2012.
Samaria gorge, Crete. May 2012.
Australia. January 2013.
Verbier. March 2013.
Cocroach race, world cup series. Veysonnaz, March 2013.

Temporal links - brief galleries in the reports

(to be replaced by higher quality and more complete galleries later)

Turgoosoon and Belaya rivers, South Altai mnts. 2004.
Ladakh, India. Himalaya mnts. 2001.
Katun river. Altai mnts. 2000.
Shawla and Argut rivers. Altai mnts. 2000.

Worths seeing

Links to other authors' pages; to be opened in a separate window.

V.E.Gippenreiter. Photos.
In the Sayan mountains. Mosnauchfilm, 1957.
Andy Isoft. Photos. Don't be lazy, browse more pages...
M.Soprunov. The last leap to the south. 1995.
A.Legezo. Across the Pamir. 1987.
A.Legezo. Discovery of Yazgulem. 1985.
A.Legezo. TWT Manoeuvres. 1984. An attempt to present whitewater kayaking and rafting as a military-applied sport for more funding.
A.Legezo. The Great Walk. 1984.
A.Legezo. Bash Khem. 1980.
A.Lebedev. Long summer at the Chinese Pamir. 2007. Download and view locally in full size.
Nature of East Kazakhstan. 3D panoramas. See adjacent pages as well...
Nikolay Nikolayev. Death of the Maashey Lake. 2012. A lake flushes down due to break of its natural damb. To be viewed in HD quality!
san40tt. Avalanche on Cheget. 2011. To be viewed in HD quality!

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